How to test, evaluate, certify and make use of biometrics?

Biometric technologies need to be tested, evaluated and certified to be used in a trustworthy and reliable way.

The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing offers various services, such as:

  • Testing of biometric devices
  • Evaluation of biometric algorithms
  • Comparative evaluation of biometric modalities
  • Attestation of biometric algorithms (i.e. BEAT attestation)
  • Biometric algorithm development
  • Forensic speaker analysis
  • Training and education

To support you in that process, we implement different solutions:

  • An international certification test (FIDO)
  • An independent third-party evaluation
  • An online evaluation platform (BEAT)


FIDO certification

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association with a focused mission: authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. The alliance gathers the main industries in the filed such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, ING, Intel, Microsoft, Paypal, Samsung, VISA, etc. The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing is one of the very few laboratories accredited to provide a FIDO Certification in biometrics.

More information about FIDO Biometric Component Certification

Independent third-party evaluation

The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing offers a custom evaluation of your biometric system. We guarantee the confidentiality of the process with non-disclosure agreements and a secured laboratory. The collaboration framework is discussed and defined to answer to the specific needs of each given situation. A report is established to assess the accuracy of your system using ISO/IEC compliant performance measures (ISO/IEC 19795-6 and ISO/IEC 30107-3).

We offer a wide range of analysis services based on our internal evaluation toolkit or based on the BEAT platform (see below).

The BEAT platform

The platform is an online and open tool to transparently and independently evaluate biometric systems against validated benchmarks. In addition, it offers a list of pre-configured systems to run tests and to provide performance analysis for your algorithm or product. It enables you to easily compare results from distinct algorithms or/and parameterizations with minimum interaction using one or potentially many biometric traits.

The BEAT platform establishes a framework to attest and analyze system capabilities and vulnerabilities which will support a number of functionalities.

Visit the BEAT platform for more information.

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