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The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing is the first non-US site of the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR). This National Science Foundation (NSF) initiative invites industry players to join forces in a cooperative effort to support and drive high quality research in biometrics and in return, to have privileged access to the developed technologies. It includes companies and organizations such as Qualcomm, Infineon, Integrated Biometrics, Precise Biometrics, the FBI or Defense Research and Development Canada.

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Why should you become a CITeR affiliate?

In today's fast changing industrial environment, design and development of new technologies and commodities is crucial. Firms must keep pace with the continuous evolution and development of technology and customer preference variability by constantly revising their range of products. To this end, companies have to invest in research and development activities to discover new scientific or technological knowledge for advancement of their processes and services.

Unfortunately, these activities mostly do not yield immediate profit or improvement and they involve higher uncertainty with respect to other company activities in operation. This is even worse for industrial fields driven by cutting-edge technology, such as biometrics business.

To overcome this issue, the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing within the Idiap Research Institute offers biometrics and security companies the means to build strong ties with talented researchers and engineers in the field and to make recommendations and influence the course of the research projects by becoming an affiliate. These advantages can be simply acquired by agreeing to pay an annual administrative fee and then become an affiliate.

Affiliates have right to delegate representatives to the Affiliate Advisory Board, composed of one representative per affiliate and two per privileged affiliate. This advisory board is designated to meet on annual basis and make recommendations on the research projects to be carried out within the Center and the allocation of resources to research proposals.

Additionally, the affiliates have the right to obtain a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual license to the results obtained within the projects funded by the Center, sub-licensable to its wholly owned subsidiaries.

Last but not least, the affiliates have the right to review publication requests of papers and presentations containing results and request a deferral of a limited time in case the publication contains patentable results or require protection.

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Company affiliateship

"Affiliate" means a company, public research and development organization or agency, or any government-owned contractor operated laboratory affiliated to the Center via the affiliate agreement.

Affiliate obligations

Affiliate fee: An administrative fee will be paid annually

Affiliate rights

Advisory board: Right to assign representatives to the advisory body, designated to decide on the allocation of resources to research projects

Licensing rights: Right to obtain non-exclusive, royalty-free licenses to any results

Review and deferral: Right to review and request a deferral before publishing any result obtained by a partner