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Biometrics Evaluation and Testing

The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing supports the BEAT platform - an online and open platform to transparently and independently evaluate biometric systems against validated benchmarks. In addition, it offers a list of pre-configured systems to run tests and to provide performance analysis for your algorithm or product.

The BEAT project aims to build a biometry-independent platform for Biometrics research, development and attestation. By making use of such a system, academic or industrial partners enable users to easily compare results from distinct algorithms or/and parameterizations with minimum interaction using one or potentially many biometric traits.

The task of building a generalized biometry-independent platform is challenging as it must attend to a wide range of experimental scenarios. In BEAT, this is addressed by a formal design phase which preceeds implementation. This methodology assures completeness and consistency within all levels of the development phases.

As part of Idiap, the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing is associated with the BEAT project and deploys its online testing platform. We offer a wide range of attestation and analysis services based on this online system. For more information on BEAT platform, you can visit We also welcome sponsors for the development of this platform through the Center.

 In addition to BEAT utilities, a list of the testing labs will also be available here soon.

BEAT platform: Examples of use

BEAT platform is a web-accessible online open-source platform for the evaluation of biometric systems. It establishes a framework to attest and analyse system capabilities and vulnerabilities which will support a number of functionalities including:

  • Benchmarking of biometric modalities
  • Attestation of biometric systems
  • Evaluation of biometric algorithms
  • Supporting user specific studies of biometric modality sensitivity to degradation phenomena
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Biometric algorithm/system optimisation
  • Multimodal biometric system brokerage
  • Biometric quality assessment
  • Educational resource
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