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Development of BEAT platform

The BEAT platform is an online system for transparent evaluation biometric systems against validated benchmarks. It allows users to graphically and socially program biometric systems and expose such systems to sequestered data for evaluation, respecting strict protocols.

BEAT (Biometrics Evaluation and Testing) is a project funded by the European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme. One of its main objectives is to develop an open online and easy-to-use platform that provides access to experimentation and testing for biometrics. With this platform, it will be possible to measure the reliability of different biometric systems and make meaningful comparisons. Additionally as an interoperable framework, the platform will make the state of the art much more accessible and the biometric technology transfer much easier.

Many of the planned features, such as user management, experimental toolchains, result display and search have already been implemented. As of today, the BEAT platform is opened for pre-registration. Even if the existing codebase allows for pretty powerful biometrics testing, a number of features remain out of the scope of the original project. We also expect that a successful deployment of our first prototype will attract attention and require a substantial amount of support. For these reasons, we seek for donations to be used for platform development and support.


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