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Collection of a longitudinal biometrics database

The impact of aging on biometric security systems, such as face, voice, fingerprint and iris recognition is still to be investigated. In fact these systems could be significantly compromised if the effects of human aging are disregarded.

The discussion of how the aging of the human body effects the way that biometric systems are designed and deployed is a very hot topic today in the biometrics industry. Recently, University of Notre Dame biometrics researchers Kevin Bowyer and Estefan Ortiz have released a paper that points to errors in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report on how iris aging affects the accuracy of iris recognition, disputing the conclusion that the aging of the iris in humans does not have a significant impact in their ability to be identified in an iris biometric authentication system.

This might be true for other biometric modalities as well. However, the absence of an extensive longitudinal biometrics database is a major obstacle in conducting research in this area. For this reason, in the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing, we are aiming to fill in this need by collecting a large scale and multi-modal biometrics database from same subjects over a long period of time.

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