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Become a partner!

The Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing invites researchers to join forces in a cooperative effort to carry out high quality research in biometrics and to foster technology transfer from academia to the industry.

The establishment and maintenance of a thriving research environment is an impractical task without these three pillars of support:

  • Research funding support: Information on research prospects and mediation between academic bodies and funding institutions
  • Technology transfer support: Advise on the entire innovation process focusing on protection and utilization of intellectual property
  • Career development support: Orientation of students, doctoral candidates, post-docs and experienced researchers in all matters related to career planning and development and contact point service for companies

As part of Idiap, the Swiss Center for Biometrics Research and Testing brings these three pillars under its roof and helps to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercial applications by providing a hub for researchers and companies to interact and collaborate.

Becoming a partner to the Center offers unmatched benefits and is easily possible by referring to two companies for affiliateship and paying an administrative fee per year. Individual researcher participants from academic institutions or non-for-profit research institutions that are associated with the Center by means of the partnership agreement have the right to propose research projects to affiliates for funding in a time and cost efficient manner with much less risk. Additionally, they may have a direct access to the available resources (e.g. equipment, software and databases) owned by the affiliated companies and a huge opportunity to put their research findings into real-world practice.

Apply for affiliateship!

Researcher partnership

"Partner" means an academic institution, a non-for-profit research institution or an individual researcher or scientist associated with the Center by means of the partnership agreement.

Partner obligations:
  • Partner fee: An administrative fee will be paid annually
  • Referral to affiliates: Execution of affiliate agreement(s) referred by the applicant
  • Deferral: Requirement for a publication request before making research results publicly available
Partner rights:
  • Research funding: Right to propose research projects to affiliates for funding
  • Intellectual property: Ownership of all intellectual property on results
  • Possibility to be listed as a testing lab
  • Possibility to propose activities to be sponsored
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